Pre-employment Health Screening

Pre-Employment Medicals

About 5 -10% of all new employees will have some medical condition. Having a pre-employment medical assessment performed on prospective employees helps you identify health problems early on and protect those with conditions which may be affected at work such as epilepsy, diabetes, back and musculoskeletal problems, asthma etc.

it is required that employers are aware of an employee's disability and make reasonable adjustments to their working environment or other aspects of their job. Our pre-employment medical assessments are designed to give managers the information they need to ensure that prospective employees meet their full working potential.


OccuMed Clinic can provide a very timely and effective arms-length confidential pre-employment health screening service; We will ensure Management are aware of and advised upon any health issues that may be affected by work (or that may affect their ability to work) and recommend any reasonable adjustments that may need to be put into place. You can then move forward with employment with confidence that the well-being of your new staff is protected. Likewise new employees can be assured of being protect and of the confidentiality of the pre-employment health assessment process.


This service can take the form of either:


Pre employment base line testing and health screening questionnaire are used to asses the condition of the employee and at the same time can give an idea about a pre existing medical condition which may affect the work.

pre-employment health screening approaches will result in a fit-to-work report with base-line results (where appropriate). For those employees with pre-existing conditions the report will detail any issues Management should be aware of and make suggestions on making reasonable adjustments and on how to avoid aggravating the employee's health. Management can then move forward in the employment process with confidence in respect of the employee's health.

So if you wish to protect the health of your employees then a great way for them to start their career with you is to begin with confidence that you have done every thing possible to protect their health.

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What is Covered?

There is a general legal requirement to ensure that an employer does not put any prospective or existing employee's health at risk and to make any reasonable adjustments. Essentially, any pre-existing health conditions at pre-employment must not be made worse or aggravated by the requirements of the job. Hence a sensible precaution would be for all prospective employees to have a pre-employment medical or health related paper screen prior to starting work or as soon as possible thereafter.

The pre-employment (& base-line) medical will provide a documented record of the state of the employee's health on entering the company. The Pre-employment health screen will also identify any illnesses, both physical and psychological, that may affect the prospective employee's ability to do the job and helps to highlight conditions that are covered under the DDA. This will allow you to protect your employees from situations that may cause harm. The record can also assist in countering any would be ill health claims subsequently made by the employee.

The exact composition of a medical can be flexed to match the job role and possible exposures to be encountered. Therefore a pre-employment health screen can include all or some parts of the following:

  • Comprehensive Medical History
  • Height, Weight & Body Index
  • Blood Pressure & Pulse
  • Urinalysis
  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) Screen
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Screen
  • Eyesight Evaluation
  • Colour Vision
  • Muscular-skeletal Assessment
  • Spirometry (lung-function) Test
  • Audiometry (Hearing) Test
  • Skin Check
  • Food Handlers Medical
  • Driver Medical
  • Suitably for Night Working
  • Blood Tests (i.e. Blood leads)
  • Vaccination Status
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening


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